HansaBioMed Life Sciences Ltd is a company entirely dedicated to research and development of products in the field of exosome sciences.

HansaBioMed Life Sciences offers the widest choice and selection of products dedicated to exosome research for life science applications available on the global market. As oldest and only company focused exclusively on exosome isolation and analysis, we are producing easy to use kits of highest quality. The portfolio includes lyophilized exosomes from numerous cell lines, exosome binding antibodies and kits for enrichment of specific exosome subpopulations. Moreover, HansaBioMed Life Sciences collaborates with leading international research groups, both academic and industrial, to develop further its technology platform.

Since May 2017, HansaBioMed Life Sciences is part of Lonza, a global leader in the field of biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing. As a new part of Lonza, HBM-LS will continue its product portfolio expansion of research products and support the development of cGMP-compliant exosome manufacturing processes.

Antonio Chiesi, MD – CEO & CMO

Dr Antonio Chiesi is a Neurologist with a wide experience in pre-clinical and clinical research and in Biotech startup. He is founder and CEO of an R&D performing biotech company based in Estonia (Hansabiomed Life Sciences OU). HBM-LS is the oldest exosome dedicated company worldwide (established in 2007). He is also founder and CEO of an innovative biotech Company based in Italy (Exosomics Siena SpA) engaged in validation and clinical development of new and disruptive exosome-based in vitro diagnostic assays with a major focus on cancer. Before committing to the Industrial sector, Dr Chiesi acted as Head of Research at the Department of Drug Research and Medicines Evaluation at the Italian National Institute of Health in Roma (Italy).

Natasa Zarovni, PhD – Head of Strategic Innovation

She is a member of HBM-LS core exectutive team from the company foundation. Today she is a part of company’s leaderchip team and heads the development and implementation of the incremental and radical innovative solutions into HBM-LS services and product pipeline. She has over 15 year-experience in biomedical research and holds a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology. She has vast extensive analytical and research skills and experience in scientific and administrative R&D projects management, in team build-up and supervision and translation of R&D outcomes into commercially viable products and capabilities. In the last 9 years she is engaged in applied exosome research, biomarkers and validation through in-house program and strategic partnerships and collaborations with academic and industrial parties.